KJFC September 2023 Newsletter

“As we kick off the new season, we want to thank you for: supporting your child on those cold days, coping with muddy boots, the all too often “where’s my shirt?” and chasing out the door with the forgotten water bottle/shin guards or both!”

1: New Season Off and Running (at last)

After a difficult summer we are pleased that all of our remaining teams are up and running and enjoying their football.

As you are aware a new committee has taken over the club and spent the last two months getting to grips with a number of challenges and issues.

These include: 

  • The folding of last year’s Under 15 Reds 
  • The folding of last year’s Under 13s 
  • Ensuring the continuation of the Under 6s following the implementation of the correct “Play Phase” safeguarding protocols 
  • Agreeing Winter Training arrangement at Fylde Sports & Education Centre.

This newsletter is intended to provide you with a comprehensive update on all aspects of the club to bring you up to date on developments.


2: Financial Position

The Committee have taken a long look at the financial position of the club and taken a difficult decision to increase club fee as follows with effect from 1st January 2024. 

  • U7 to U16 – annual subscription (paid monthly) to £300 a year / £25 a month.
  • U6 and those Training Only – annual subscription of £240 a year / £20 a month. 

This decision has not been taken likely but we have to recognise that club costs have raised exponentially, and we have not raised subscriptions for at least four years.

Cost increases have been seen in this and previous years across the board including the following areas: 

  • Facility cost increases – Bank Lane, Wesham & Fylde Sports Education Centre 
  • Kit and equipment price increases
  • Referee fee increases
  • Higher league affiliation costs

We believe the club must operate with sufficient reserves- defined as being sufficient for six months operation (determined at this point as being £30,000) to provide appropriate security and contingency.

A new effort to build a separate fund for significant future capital expenditure will also be established. The primary aim of this will be targeted towards obtaining our own 4G facility for training and matches. A facility which would completely revolutionise the club. 

Further to this we will be doubling down on those with payments outstanding and ensuring that all children participating through the club pays initiative are doing so legitimately. 


3: Safeguarding 

One of the new Committees priorities has been ensuring that safeguarding rules and protocols are fully in place and adhered to. 

3A: Safeguarding Children Declaration: Youth Football

As part of the 2023/2024 season affiliation process all grassroots football clubs were required to commit to a Safeguarding Declaration. Our Club had to formally acknowledge that it understands and accepts its safeguarding responsibilities.

The main points from the Declaration, which the Club must adhere to, are set out below:

All parents/coaches working directly with your child’s team MUST:

  1. maintain an in-date accepted FA DBS check AND have completed the FA Safeguarding Children online course;
  2. be named on the FA Club Portal as a team official; and
  3. ensure there are a minimum of two FA DBS-checked and safeguarding trained adults in place for all training sessions and matches.

In addition to the above requirements, we ask all coaches to complete their FA Introduction to First Aid in Football course.  We also strive to ensure that there is at least one FA DBS-checked and safeguarding trained coach/parent, who is of the same gender as that of the players on the team.  

We are working on publishing a comprehensive list of all the parents/coaches that are entitled to work with each team at the Club.

The right experience needs the right coach. And the right coaches have the right coaching qualifications, suitable coach ratio to children, DBS checks and safeguarding training. There should be someone who is accountable for overseeing the coaches’ practice. As a parent/carer, never be afraid to ask if they’re all up to date. Your child’s football experience can depend on it.  There is some good guidance on this point here https://www.englandfootball.com/participate/explore/safeguarding/Your-Call 

Any specific safeguarding concerns about coach qualifications or coach numbers should be raised via safeguarding@kirkhamjuniors.co.uk.

3B: Free Course: Safeguarding Awareness for Parents & Carers

As a parent/carer, you have a key safeguarding role to play in grassroots football. That’s why the FA has created a free online learning module to take you through what you should expect from your child’s football club.

It takes 25-30 minutes to complete and covers six main topics from the meaning of safeguarding to you and your child, to spotting indicators and behaviours, and reporting and practical measures you can put in place.

To take the free course and play your part, simply click https://learn.englandfootball.com/courses/safeguarding/safeguarding-awareness-for-parents-and-carers 



As you embrace this coming season we wanted to remind you that Play Safe Weekend is coming up on 30 September – 1st October.

“Everyone, everywhere, every time”

Play Safe 2023 focuses on being vigilant about safeguarding in football. And for everyone to ‘watch, listen, talk and act’ if they have any safeguarding concerns.   More information can be found here https://www.thefa.com/football-rules-governance/safeguarding/play-safe

4: Club Facilities and Pitches

Please note the following information: 

Coronation Road 

  • The container has been removed and we have obtained permission to store kit and equipment with the Councils Pavilion.
  • We are looking at the existing plans to continue renovation of the Coronation Road pitches and whether this represents good long-term value for the club. 

Bank Lane 

  • We have agreed to extend the current nine a side pitch to provide a small 11 a side pitch and started discussions as to whether further pitches could be placed on the site in the future. 


  • We have signed a new deal for the pitches and pavilion with the Council.


  • We have agreed a new arrangement and gained access to storage facilities. A portable toilet has also been installed. 

AFC Fylde 

  • Winter Training will commence from Monday 25th September at Mill Farm on the 4G pitches. Players will need to ensure they have registered with the facility and have the ability to enter the facility on arrival. 


5: Defibrillators

The committee has ensured that a defibrillator is available at each site. They are located as follows: 

  • Coronation Road – On the outside wall of the Pavilion
  • Wesham – in the Pavilion on the wall directly in front of the entrance
  • Weeton in the storage room.
  • Bank Lane – on the wall inside the Pavilion near the doorway. 

We are delighted that Nicola Godley will act as defibrillator co-ordinator and ensure their continual upkeep and operation. 

6: Player Numbers

The club faces increasing demand from the local community, and we are unable to offer any more spaces in the vast majority of our 28 current teams.

The Committee have discussed what the best approach to dealing with this issue is in the medium term and we accept that we must have a period of consolidation whilst we determine a longer-term plan.

We held a successful pilot session for a couple of weeks called Play Football, where children looking for a place with the club where able to train for free and placed into available spaces. Through this arrangement 8 new players have been introduced into teams which matched their ability. 

We recognise that as individual teams age they will require additional players every two years as they progress through 5, 7, 9 eventually into 11 a side. 

Meaning that squads will need to have at least 14 players come the Under 13s age groups. 


7:  Roundup

A: 50th Anniversary Celebration

We are planning to hold a significant celebration of the club on FA Cup Final Day in May 2024. Please hold this date in your diaries. 


B: Website Renovations

There will be considerable updates made to the club website over the next period. Improving the information provided about various club processes and policies to support members, parents and coaches. 


C: New Facebook Page 

Due to issues in the transition between Committees we have lost access to the old KJFC Facebook page and needed to establish a new one. Grateful if people can follow us on the new page and unfollow the old one. 

Please also note that under FA rules the results and outcomes of U7 to U11 games cannot be published on social media. The club will try to abide with this policy as far as possible and ask all parents to comply when commenting. 


D: Goalkeeper Training

The club offers dedicated goalkeeping training with a specialist goalkeeping coach each Sunday morning. The cost is £10 a month. Speak to your manager if you want to join this training group. 


E: Review of Disciplinary Decisions 

The Committee has reviewed a range of decisions undertaken by the previous committee and view them as completely disproportionate and out of touch with the dynamic of running a community football club. Apologies have therefore been issued to a number of affected people as a consequence.