“As we kick off the new season, we want to thank you for: supporting your child on those cold days, coping with muddy boots, the all too often “where’s my shirt?” and chasing out the door with the forgotten water bottle/shin guards or both!”

1: New Season Off and Running (at last)

After a difficult summer we are pleased that all of our remaining teams are up and running and enjoying their football.

As you are aware a new committee has taken over the club and spent the last two months getting to grips with a number of challenges and issues.

These include: 

  • The folding of last year’s Under 15 Reds 
  • The folding of last year’s Under 13s 
  • Ensuring the continuation of the Under 6s following the implementation of the correct “Play Phase” safeguarding protocols 
  • Agreeing Winter Training arrangement at Fylde Sports & Education Centre.

This newsletter is intended to provide you with a comprehensive update on all aspects of the club to bring you up to date on developments.


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