A: Training

1: Pre-Session

a) Communication to Players 

  • Weekly reminder to attend along with any special instructions (kit, location etc)

b) Organising Kit and Equipment

You will need the following:

  • Balls (and pump)
  • Cones
  • First Aid Kit 
  • Spare Kit for Players (Shin Pads, Boots, Gloves etc)
  • Whistle 
  • Note Pad and Pen 
  • Storage keys as necessary
  • New player registration forms
  • List of phone numbers for players parents (in case of emergency) 

c) Session Preparation

  • Arrival Activity
  • Explain purpose/focus of session and your expectations
  • Technique Practices
  • Drinks Break
  • Stage a Game to Finish (Restrictive and then Open)

2: At Session 

  • Set up (be there at least15 mins before start)
  • Check the pitch for dog mess and litter (as applicable)
  • Player welcome 
  • Deliver planned session 
  • Reflection
    • Thank players for effort
    • Instructions to Parents / Players
      • Next Game / Training Details 
      • Any “Homework”
  • Tidy Away
  • Make sure all children are safely picked up.

3: Post Session

  • Personal Reflection – What worked well and what didn’t.
  • What can be do next week at training to improve. 

B: Matches

1: Pre-Match 

  • Check fixtures (Club will issue via What’s App, On Club Website or via FA pages for your league). 
  • Contact opposition manager
  • Contact referee (if home game) – Most leagues expect this to be done by the Wednesday night. 
  • Communicate match details to team 
  • Check if allocated pitch playable with Facilities Officer (if bad weather)
  • Ensure you have pitch and equipment access if needed
  • Ensure defibrillator is available.
  • Ask/remind parents/carers for support in setting up and taking down.

2: Match Day

  • Set up pitch (goals, nets, flags, respect barriers) – delegate to parents as necessary
  • Pay referee / submit match card
  • Conduct 10 min warm up
  • Communicate starting line-up and positions with players
  • Play match (be positive and encouraging to your team)
  • Have a short team debrief post-match

3: Post-Match

  • Submit scores to FA.
  • Complete online match report on FA Full Time.
  • Think about what training can be undertaken to improve.
  • Relax!