A: Training Checklist

1: Getting Ready
Wear your Red KJFC training/away kit (unless told otherwise)
If cold, wear base layers, hats, gloves and a rain jacket etc
Correct footwear – football boots / trainers
Wear shin pads which provide appropriate protection (mandatory)
Bring other equipment – Goalie Gloves
Bring a drink (and a snack if needed)
Take you inhaler if you need one

2: At Training
Get there 5 minutes before the start of training
Listen to the coaches – they are trying to make you better players!
Try your best!

3: After Training
Eat and drink.
Put your dirty clothes in the wash.
Relax and stretch out as needed!

B: Match Day Checklist

1: Pre-Match
Check playing venue and kick off time.
Eat and drink in enough time before playing.
Wear right kit and equipment:
Blue Match Kit (blue shirt, red shorts, blue socks) – unless told otherwise
Shin pads which provide appropriate protection (with tie ups if necessary)
Correct boots or footwear.
Bring with you:
Change of clothes if necessary .
The Player of the Match Trophy if you have it!
Drink and snack.
Inhaler if needed.
Positive can-do attitude!

2: Match Time
Arrive at the venue at least 20 minutes before kick-off.
Listen to your Manager & Coaches.
Accept decisions about playing position or starting ‘on the bench’.
Respect the Referee and opposition.
Try your hardest – ‘effort and enthusiasm wins more games than skill alone’.
Be proud to play for KJFC and wear your match kit and tracksuits with pride.
Listen to the managers post-match debrief.
3: Post-Match
Get wrapped up and showered.
Eat, drink and rest!
Have a think about what you did well, and what you can do better next time.