Obtaining your DBS Clearance


As a junior football club everyone who plays an active role in the club who has contact with children is required to have undertaken a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check. The process by which volunteers can obtain their clearance is as follows:


1: Register for an account on The FA website. This will allow you to obtain an FA Number (commonly referrer to as a FAN). You may already have one of these, be careful not to create a second account for yourself.


⁠2: Send an email to safeguarding@kirkhamjuniors.co.uk. In the email please include your full name, date of birth and FAN. Also state why you are requesting a DBS and which KJFC team you will be assisting with.

3: The Club Welfare Officer (CWO) will then email you to confirm that your DBS check has been started.


4: ⁠You should then log into your FA account and click the ‘My DBS’ tab.  After this, follow all instructions.  During this process you will need to enter the details from three identification documents. You must have these documents to hand as they will need to be verified by the CWO later in the process (please see below).

5: When you are ready to have your identification documentation verified please email the CWO to arrange a convenient time to meet.


6: After your documentation has been verified the DBS process continues.

7: The CWO will let you know when you are cleared to start helping out with KJFC teams.